Understanding the PANRE

A redesigned recertification exam for practicing physician assistants!

There is a new, redesigned recertification exam for practicing physician assistants taking their exam in 2019 and beyond.

The biggest complaint from physician assistants taking the current PANRE is that the content on the exam was incredibly rare and therefore not clinically applicable. It’s frustrating to study content for a required test that you’ll never see in a clinical setting!

Prepare Now!

Don’t Be The First PA To Fail The Alternative PANRE.

The Alternative PANRE Study Resource includes everything you need for the Alternative PANRE.

You will be provide by CME4LIFE the Video on Demand Board Review Series, The new iPANRE Alternative Study Guide Book, PA Prep Flashcards with audio CD, PA Prep Janus, PA Prep Medical Triads AND $100 off a live Board Review Course from CME4LIFE.

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Still wondering about the PANRE?

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