Study Exactly What You Need At The Depth You Need in Preparing for the PANRE.

This iPANRE Study Guide has been designed based on the new NCCPA content blueprint. You will understand precisely what you need in regards to pathophysiology, presentation, diagnosis and treatment.  As you know, with the changes made surrounding the PANRE, you need to learn different medical conditions differently, from level I content (red light content we mush immediately get consultation) to level III content (we call it green light content, meaning we need to know comprehensively.) You don’t have to worry about what level you need to learn the content. We have done it for you. We have color coded this study guide based on the levels of knowledge now required by the NCCPA.

By using this study guide – Level 1 (RED) Level 2 (Yellow) Level 3 (Green) – as an adjunct to our PANRE prep videos or live course (Live Conference) we are confident you will Learn What You’ve Been Missing.

This product is not approved for category 1 CME credit.

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